Thursday 15 May 2008

What A Waste!

This picture shows H&F Council's Town Hall extension at 12.15 am on Tuesday morning. The lights are on but I've written to see if anyone was there.

In fact, the lights are left on in the Town Hall extension most nights of the year. I've raised this in the past often to find out that the lights are on across all floors because, although only one person is in the building, the particular light switch they have means that they have to light up the whole tower block. I was told that this would be sorted out two years ago. However, with cuts to budgets, it seems that this has not been a priority.

It should be. The Town Hall's carbon footprint for each year is significantly increased by leaving these lights on and, as a public body, H&F Council has a duty to set a good example - not a bad one. It's also a terrible waste of our council tax funds.

The technology is there to have a far more efficient and environmentally friendly lighting system installed. I think H&F Council should get on and do this very soon and end this publicly funded, beacon of waste burning at the centre of Hammersmith night, after night.

I'll let you know how I get on.

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