Monday 19 May 2008

Unintended Skating On Lyric Square, Hammersmith

Quite a few people have contacted me querying why H&F Council seem to have put a surface onto Lyric Square, Hammermith, that is extremely slippery when wet.

One lady, in her 60s, told me that she now walks around the area, when it's raining, as it is too difficult to walk on the surface without slipping. I note that there is a similar stone surface on the entrance to the main Hammersmith Broadway tube station and that London Underground puts out rubber mats when it rains. I witnessed several people slipping and falling over while going into the station a few weeks during a heavy down-pour.

Please let me know, by emailing me here, if you have similar problems. I will write to H&F Council to see what health and safety research was undertaken prior to laying that particular stone in Lyric Square; how many complaints they have had about this issue and what they can do to make it safer?

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Anonymous said...

I recently had a severe foot injury after slipping on the Lyric Square Ice Rink. I am in my early 30s and regularly play tennis and football.

I know several other people that have slipped over on it. It is really dangerous and something should be done.