Thursday 22 May 2008

H&F Council’s Pedestrian Response To Residents' Concerns About Litter And Dog Fouling

Ok, so H&F’s Conservative Administration has cut the street cleaning and dog mess removal budget but surely if a problem is reported it should still be dealt with promptly? Not so, it seems, as an extract of an official’s email to me shows below:

“Thank you for your inquiry referring to Kilmarsh Road. As requested, I would like to say that although you did log this complaint on the 29th April instant and again on 1st May, I personally received this information assigned to my team on 6th May 2008... I wish to reiterate that I received this complaint for action by my team on 6th May 2008 and not before.”

I had emailed a senior H&F Council officer following a complaint about dog fouling in Hammersmith. It then took eight days for the complaint to get from him to his section leader. A carrier pigeon would have been quicker. I have other similar examples too. Those cuts seem to have bitten deeper into H&F's beleaguered Environment Department than everyone first thought.

Please let me know if you have similar problems. We will keep campaigning until H&F’s Conservative Administration addresses residents’ concerns about this.


Anonymous said...

There's dog dirt all along Iffley Road and Benbow Road most days. I've given up reporting it to the council as nothing is ever done about it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Is it the same company who do the garden waste collection? Dalling Road was covered in dog dirt this morning.

Anonymous said...

I've just come across your website. Very useful.

Caithness Road was horrible yesterday evening. A spectacle of dog dirt and detritus. It has regularly been like that for months.

Please get the Council to clean its act up around Brook Green. I, for one, would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

it's all very well cleaning up what about dealing with the cause of the problem!!!!
someone owns thee animals that foul our streets FINE THEM

Anonymous said...

Do Council tenancy agreements prohibit keeping dogs? This used to be the case (for the reasons mentioned here), but I don't know whether or not this is still part of tenancy agreements.

If it is, then it should be relatively easy to enforce and maintain, and problems associated with dangerous dogs and dog fouling would drop significantly.

If not, then it could be time to reintroduce a ban as a condition of tenancy. I understand that the leader of the council thinks so.

If the council takes a lead it should be possible for the housing associations to follow.