Thursday 23 August 2007

Tax Payers' Cash Spent on Tory Propaganda Event

I haven’t been invited. But, at 7.00pm on 26th September, Cllr. Stephen Greenhalgh (Con) plans to deliver his annual “State of the Borough Address” to an invited audience of what he believes will be key opinion formers in Hammersmith and Fulham.

Mimicking the US Presidents’ State of the Union Address, but er… not quite on the same scale; Cllr. Greenhalgh will hope to sell his Administration’s deeds to the addressees - all arranged at local tax payers’ expense and in a location that is currently being kept secret.

Free from any Opposition alternative point of view, Cllr. Greenhalgh will use the occasion to put a positive spin on:

Actually, I don’t mind Cllr. Greenhalgh selling the Conservatives’ point of view. It’s his democratic right but I strongly object to it being paid for from tax payers’ funds. Why do they need to raid H&F Council's finances to pay for what is an unashamed propaganda exercise? They used to pay for exactly the same event out of Tory party funds before they won power in 2006. Now, they obviously think it’s good value for you, me and everyone else in the borough to fund their event out of our pockets.

Click on the attached letter (I've removed the name and address of the person it was sent to) to see the invite in full.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, the Tories should be allowed to give their point of view, but H&F tax payers should not have to pick up the tab!

Anonymous said...

HAve invites gone to all the community groups, parents and pensioners that the cuts have effected?

i think not