Monday 6 August 2007

Has Council Done Its Home Work on Hammersmith Grove Development?

My fellow ward councillors and I have been contacted by large numbers of local residents who are anxious about the proposed Hammersmith Grove development. Concerns range from the oversized scale of the ten storey building to worries about heavy goods vehicles making dawn deliveries, extra parking problems, increased traffic chaos and late night noise from revellers leaving the three restaurants and cinema.

I have written to Town Hall officials to uncover the extent to which they have undertaken studies on any of the problems that will occur if the current development plans are given the go-ahead.

We now have official confirmation that the developer has been engaged in private meetings with H&F Council for much of the last year. It would therefore be natural to expect that all of the above concerns have at least been considered. If they have the Council isn’t saying what it has found out. We will continue to press them on the matter and let you know how we get on.

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