Wednesday 22 August 2007

Is That John Redwood On My Telly?

I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I had them checked a while back and they were fine but when peering at the TV news channels all last week I kept seeing someone with an extraordinarily close resemblance to John Redwood MP (Con). He was telling the British public that David Cameron (Con) had put him in charge of the Tories’ economic competitiveness review. I called a couple of people in to the room to view the TV for themselves and do you know what? It was John Redwood!

Why would David (I’m the heir to Blair) Cameron put the Country’s most famous, leading far-right Conservative politician in charge of anything if he is sincere that he wants to occupy the centre ground of UK politics? It doesn’t look like Mr. Redwood has changed his spots either; calling for health and safety laws to be relaxed, more privatisation of the railways, cutting planning laws to make it easier for developers, abandoning data protection laws and that old favourite... pulling out of European treaties. Those are just a few of his recommendations.

When, just over a week ago I said that Mr. Cameron will "end his policy-free zone [by moving] the Conservative Party further to the right of British politics” I didn’t expect it to happen that week. I wonder what Mr. Cameron will do next?

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Anonymous said...

If in 1994, Blair had put Arthur Scargill in charge a similar Labour economic review, Blair’s claims to be moving his party to the centre would have been treated as a blatant lie. Redwood is to Conservatives what Scargill was to Labour, thus making Cameron’s claims to be taking the Conservatives to the centre little more than a hoodwinking exercise.