Tuesday 29 April 2008

Removing The Freedom Pass Wouldn’t Be So Funny

Up until yesterday evening Boris Johnson's (Con) election website was proudly running a story denouncing Ken’s planned extension of the Freedom Pass to 24 hours-a-day as “daft” and a “mad idea”. Now, presumably realising the idea is very popular with the voting public, he’s removed the story.

Does this mean Mr. Johnson's seen the light and will maintain the Freedom Pass? I don’t think so and not least because he has already said that any extension of the Freedom Pass to before 9am will depend on agreement with the London boroughs. Those same London boroughs in which the Conservative (who form the largest group) have already described the pass as a "stealth tax”.

Ken visited White City and Hammersmith Broadway earlier today. He was given a warm reception and said “The fact is simple: no matter how much he protests, Boris Johnson gives no commitment to extend the Freedom Pass so older and disabled Londoners can use it before 9am.

The Conservative candidate for Mayor may do a good turn on telly but I think that removing the Freedom Pass wouldn’t be so funny for all those people that depend on it.

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