Monday 28 April 2008

Another Young Persons' Facility Under Threat

“All the children on the White City estate live in flats. Where else will they play if they sell this off?” said local Councillor Colin Aherne (Lab) while telling me why he is disgusted that H&F Conservatives want to sell off the Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre (see pic). The facility provides one of the few green areas in White City and was named as a centre of early excellence by the government.

Colin says that H&F Conservatives have their eyes on the site and published plans to dispose of the facility despite the centre's governors voting the proposal down.

The centre currently accommodates children under three and from three to five. There is extended day care available before and after school, as well as drop-in provision for parents and carers with toddlers.

Cllr. Colin Aherne explained “Hammersmith and Fulham has some of the most expensive land in the UK which is why they're selling off schools, youth clubs and community centres across the borough. The Tories only see how this and other school sell-offs will meet their budget plans. They don’t see the harm they’re doing to these young people’s education and life opportunities. White City is one of the poorest areas in the borough. I am genuinely disgusted that anyone would think that closing this facility is even worth considering. I will fight them all the way on this!”

Please click here to email Colin about his campaign to save the centre.

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