Sunday 24 February 2008

Mayor Livingstone Targets ‘Chelsea Tractors’ With £25 Charge And Promises 100% Discount For Low Emissions Cars

Just as 4X4s seem to be getting bigger and bigger, Mayor Livingstone has given the green light to a plan that aims to discourage their use in the Capital from October. The plan aims to target those cars that pollute most and are most dangerous to pedestrians and child safety.

Under the new rules, from 27th October 2008 there will be a £25 charge for cars that emit 226 grams of CO2 or more per km. Among the cars that fall into this category are SUVs also known as 4X4s or ‘Chelsea tractors’. The proposals also include a 100% discount for owners of smaller cars with low CO2 emissions that meet the Euro 4 standard for air quality.

Porsche are opposing the CO2 Charge as are the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidates. However, the scheme is being supported by environmental campaign groups Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the Alliance Against Urban 4×4s.

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Anonymous said...

The Chelsea Tractor charge will reduce pollution by 0.3% - as Transport for London acknowledges.

Ken Livingstone needs more and better green policies.