Monday 11 February 2008

Controversial Office Project For Town Hall Officials Passes Stage One

H&F Council has announced that its Conservative Cabinet has given the green light to a mult-million pound project to provide new luxury office space for Town Hall bureaucrats on King Street, Hammersmith.

The project will involve demolishing the cinema, homes for the blind, the Quaker meeting house and many small, local business premises – all of whom have voiced concerns about the plans. Local residents’ associations and amenity societies are also opposed to the current scheme.

Town Hall officials have long been enthusiastic about this project and proposed a similar scheme several years ago. This was killed by the last Labour Administration and I made it clear that it would not be given the go-ahead if Labour had been re-elected in 2006.

This scheme is also expected to take up a significant bulk of the planning department’s and senior officals’ work-load for the coming years.

H&F Council’s partner on this development is Granger/Helical Bar. One positive aspect of the development is that it would involve the demolition of the ugly Town Hall extension, built by an earlier Conservative Administration.

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Unknown said...

Thank you Stephen Cowan for letting us know about this development. I think it is an incredibly sad and short sighted proposal. It is a charming bit of Hammersmith which should be nurtured rather than bulldozed. It has been run down of late but it would be so much better if the buildings were restored rather than knocked down. I think it is very sad.