Sunday 30 September 2007

Tories Say They Trust Gordon Brown Over David Cameron

The first casualty of David Cameron’s renewed slide in the polls is the pastel green tie that has been his constant companion since he assumed the Conservative Leadership two years ago. It’s been cruelly cast aside in favour of a similar model in traditional Tory blue. He was sporting it all last night and was showing it off again this morning during his TV interview with Andrew Marr. Behind this new colour scheme lies the latest poll figures published in today’s Observer showing that more Conservative voters actually trust Gordon Brown more than they do Mr. Cameron.

David Cameron has spent the summer suffering increasing levels of criticism, mainly from within his own party. The most astutely damaging saying that he’s little more than a public relations expert who has a tendency to flip flop. In the last year the Conservative Leader has moved his party onto the centre ground; then back to the right with his economic review led by John Redwood; then to the environmental left with calls for taxes on supermarket car parks and short-haul flights and then quickly back to the right again with tax incentives to encourage us all to get married. Now many commentators are openly asking who will replace him as leader with William Hague denying he’s a contender and George Osborne - the Shadow Chancellor – trying to distance himself from his “friend”, the Leader of the Opposition, with all the apparent grace of a side-stepping hippopotamus.

I’d guess that the media and his party won’t want to mortally wound Mr. Cameron this close to a much speculated upon election. As long as he gives a reasonable speech he will live to fight another day. However, the British public will be left wondering if he has any substantive policies other than changing his neck attire.

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