Saturday 8 September 2007

Tom and Moira Retire from Hammersmith’s Andover Arms

The Andover Arms in Aldensley Road, Hammersmith has been run by Tom and Moira Mahedy since 1993. They’re sadly going to retire within the next month or so. Under their charge the Andover has been a lovely place to spend an evening. Moira’s always welcoming and Tom’s mild-mannered approach and soft-spoken Irish burr adds to the genuinely relaxed atmosphere. Together they’ve created the most quintessential of local pubs. So entwined have they become with the character of the place, it will be more than a little unsettling not to have them there.

The Andover’s Thai restaurant has been commended by Radio 4’s Food Programme and the Sunday night quiz is second to none. However, the Andover is famed for its beer with Tom telling me that he and Moira have served more than 550,000 pints of London Pride since they took over fourteen years ago. It’s certainly the best pint of Pride that I’ve ever tasted.

I wish them well in their retirement.

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