Sunday 12 July 2015

Please Vote Yes For A 20 MPH Hammersmith And Fulham

I’m in favour of speed limits being lowered to 20mph. It saves lives and significantly cuts the chances of people being seriously hurt in traffic accidents. That’s particularly important for children but also for other pedestrians and cyclists too.

You can help make H&F 20mph by taking part in the consultation here.

Lowering speeds to 20mph has some interesting side effects. Studies demonstrate how it changed the tone of the neighbourhoods where it happened - even apparently statistically increasing the chances of people knowing their neighbours.

If residents vote to lower speed limits in Hammersmith and Fulham the bill for the changes will be picked up by Transport for London (TfL) which is chaired by the London Mayor.

Shortly after I was first elected in 1998 my fellow Labour ward councillor and I led a residents’ working party to consider cutting speeds in an area of Hammersmith north of Glenthorne Road and bounded by Goldhawk and Dalling Roads and the Hammersmith and City tube line. I recall that 624 people took part in that consultation with over 75% voting to say yes to 20mph and the introduction of the Grove Home Zone.

Walk around what’s now become known as Brackenbury Village and it’s a peaceful place. Less cars use the area as a cut through and far less cars, motorbikes and vans shoot past at 30mph and above which has made it a much safer area. If you haven’t seen this wonderful neighbourhood for yourself, I advise a visit - especially if you want to know how the area you live in might change for the better if the speed limits of vehicles are lowered.

You have a chance to make that happen because H&F Council is consulting residents on the proposals to cut speed limits to 20mph for all residents. My fellow Labour councillors said we’d do that before the election and wrote that pledge into our manifesto for one clear reason: it saves lives and reduces injuries.

It takes two minutes to take part via the freepost consultation packs arriving in homes across the borough and you can fill in the consultation form online at:

Over the seventeen years I’ve been an elected representative I have met many constituents. The most harrowing meetings was with the mother of a child who had tragically been killed in a local traffic accident. That still happens to too many families.

The data clearly demonstrates how lower speeds equate to lower accident rates. So please take a moment to ensure we have safer streets across Hammersmith and Fulham and vote yes to 20mph.

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Unknown said...

I fully support the vote for 20mph speed limit in H&F as long as it is reinforced! It's pointless making bi-laws or road rules if these are not enforced because human nature being what it is, they will be seen to be there to be ignored or broken!

As a long standing resident in the borough (38 years), I am trying to do my bit towards a ‘cleaner-greener borough by purchasing and running an electric vehicle. Now, while I applaud the Council for providing we owners of such vehicles with discounted resident’s parking, I would like to see some investment in on-street electric charging facilities for residents. I request that the council look to see what is being done in Amsterdam for example, investment by local authorities in electric charging points with the net result that electric (non-polluting) vehicles are becoming the most popular choice for residents there.

Is there any likelihood that we might in the near future see a small section of the roadside parking designated for electric vehicle recharging only? Rapid charging takes only 30min/charge for most vehicles currently so it is not as if any one vehicle needs to occupy the space for very long. The result would mean that, for me personally, I would not have to use fossil fuel for a good 90% of my journeys.

It is the future and the only way to convince residents for whom off-street charging is an impossibility, that investing in electric vehicles is both worthwhile and practical.