Tuesday 3 June 2014

The Sulivan Primary School Statement

Yesterday at Sulivan Primary School
Here's the BBC London News report and here is the official council statement below about the future of Sulivan Primary School:

"Hammersmith & Fulham Council has announced its intention to review the decisions, taken in February, to close Sulivan by effectively merging it with a newly-expanded New King's School. It now intends to publish proposals to revoke those decisions.

This follows the new Administration’s intended change to its housing policy that could see demand for primary school places rise in the local area.

The change in housing policy, signalled in the new Administration’s manifesto, places a greater emphasis on the need for new affordable homes to rent which could have a particular impact on the South Fulham Riverside development where 1,000 extra homes are being built.

A decision to merge the two schools was taken in January in order to reduce the number of surplus places across the two schools by 15 per year group. A significant change in housing policy could mean those places are now needed.

Council officers will be reassessing the likely future demand for school places and a decision paper on whether to publish proposals for the two schools to stay open is likely to be presented to the next Cabinet meeting on June 23.

If proposals are published, all affected parties and the wider community will have the opportunity to make comments in response".


L said...

I am a parent of a child in the school and I just wanted to leave a message of grateful thanks for your unwavering support for the Save Sulivan School campaign. I asked every floating voter I knew to vote for Labour in order to save the school (also Earls Court, Charing Cross Hosp etc!) and I am so pleased that LBHF residents have 'spoken' and we've kicked out a venal, corrupt and self-serving administration.

Unknown said...

having only ever having voted conservative before, I voted labour for the first time. with my child at sulivan (being the best school private or council), I was drawn into finding out more about local politics. I was shocked to discover the arrogant high handed attitude of the now former conservative administration, in which they systematically ignored the wishes of their constituents, even those of the many local conservative residents in support of sulivan! the sulivan debacle, was just a microcosm of what was happening throughout the borough. conservative councillors placed political westminster conservative neo liberal dogma and personal ambition above that of their local constituents. given the quiet influence and votes of former conservative voters, we hope that this new administration will have learnt that lesson and we expect labour to hold to their pledge to save sulivan