Tuesday 20 May 2014

H&F Labour's Candidates For Ravenscourt Park

Here are some details about H&F Labour's candidates for Ravenscourt Park. You can find your polling station by putting your post code into this link.

Jasmine Pilgrem
Jasmine has lived and worked in Ravenscourt Ward for 30 years. She ran her own music management company for 20 years and now works in arts administration for a local theatrical agency. She is married with two children.
Jasmine has been an active member of her local residents’ association and other amenity groups for many years, successfully campaigning on conservation, heritage, development and planning issues. For the last two years, Jasmine has campaigned with Save Our Hospitals against the downgrading of local hospital services. This inspired her to stand as a Labour council candidate.
Rowan Ree
Rowan has lived in Ravenscourt Park since moving to London as a student, initially in Verbena Gardens and now in King Street. He is a governor at Wendell Park Primary School.
An economics graduate and postgraduate, Rowan works as an adviser to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). A regular in the Cross Keys pub on Black Lion Lane, he enjoys walking along the banks of the river and visiting the ward’s excellent restaurants and cafés.
Alexandra Sanderson
Alexandra lives along King Street near Ravenscourt Park, where she likes to feed the ducks. She is a governor at Flora Gardens primary school and has been active in the residents-led Save Our Hospitals campaign.
After studying Archaeology at Durham University, Alex volunteered in locations from Lourdes to her native Bristol, working with children, the homeless and the elderly.  She is now senior manager at a charity that works to promote good money management.

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Unknown said...

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