Monday 31 March 2014

Doctor Steps Up As Labour Candidate After Conservative Councillors Vote To Back Charing Cross Hospital Demolition

Dr. Sean Morris asks people to vote to give
H&F's residents a Labour run council
that will defend local NHS hospital services
A hospital doctor has stepped forward to run as a Labour candidate in this year's local elections. Dr. Sean Morris will offer voters the chance to defend our local NHS by voting for him instead of Conservative Councillor Marcus Ginn, who is currently the Borough's cabinet member with responsibility for local health services.

Cllr. Ginn (Con) and his colleagues abandoned the cross-party, residents led Save Our Hospitals campaign last year. They did that after agreeing with their government colleagues that: Charing Cross Hospital should be demolished; the majority of the hospital site should be sold off and turned into flats (targeted at overseas property speculators); and just 13% of the current Charing Cross Hospital site will be retained and turned into a GP-led clinic.

Dr. Morris will challenge Cllr. Ginn in Palace Riverside ward and asks people of all political persuasions to lend him their votes as a vote to defend local health services. He told me, “I am standing against Cllr. Ginn because I disagree the Conservatives’ plans for the NHS both locally and nationally; Hammersmith and Fulham residents need locally accessible, fully functioning A&Es. Conservative councillors have tried to hoodwink local residents by sending out council propaganda claiming they have “saved” the A&Es. That is plainly not true. They are selling-out the residents of this Borough.”

I very much hope that Dr. Morris is elected along with a majority of Labour councillors so he can sit beside me and negotiate to defend Charing Cross Hospital and our local A&Es when critical decisions are made about our local health services later this year.
It is clear from all our wide-ranging public manifesto consultations that these local elections have very much become a referendum on the Conservatives' plans to shut our NHS facilities versus Labour's plan to halt the hospital demolition and save vital health services for local people. Dr Morris is a powerful and credible advocate for our local hospitals, and I am genuinely excited to have him as part of our fantastic field of candidates.

You can read more about Dr. Morris in the Fulham and Hammersmith Chronicle.

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