Sunday 17 June 2012

“Send The Conservative-Run Council A Message” In The Town Ward By-Election

Labour's Ben Coleman campaigning against police cuts
in the Town ward by-election
The Town ward by-election has been called and will take place on 12th July 2012. Labour has selected local entrepreneur, Ben Coleman as its candidate. He is also a long-standing governor of Jack Tizard School for severely disabled children, where he chairs the finance committee.

It promises to be an interesting election. Firstly, it is taking place in Cameron’s favourite Council in a ward vacated by the former council leader.  Secondly, the Conservatives have a vast majority of thirty-one of the forty-six seats on Hammersmith and Fulham Council. Labour has the rest, forming the fifteen-strong Opposition. So, even if Labour wins in Town as I hope it will, this election will not change the balance of power in our local politics. It does, however, give residents a chance to send a message to those running the Council and to the Conservative/Lib Dem government running the country.

Ben Coleman said, “Residents can use this by-election to send the Conservative-run council a message about their cuts to local police, waste of public money and new hikes to stealth taxes on parking, elderly care and using personal trainers in local parks.”

He added, “We can also send a message directly to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. The Tory/LibDem government has taken a gamble with our economy and failed. The UK is back in recession and small businesses and families are suffering. The public expect better and voting Labour in this by-election sends that message direct to Downing Street.

You can email him by clicking here. You can like his campaign on Facebook here or follow his campaign on Twitter here.

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