Friday 30 March 2012

Labour’s Five-Point Action Plan Offering Immediate Help For Pensioners, Families And Young People

Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP
The Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP has published Labour’s five-point action plan to offer immediate help to pensioners, hard-working families and young people. Yesterday the OECD published its prediction that Britain is slumping back into recession. The evidence is mounting just how badly the Conservative/Lib Dem government's austerity economics isn't working. A different approach is needed.

Ed Miliband's five action points demonstrates how the government does actually have different options that could offer a better way to support the majority, build confidence and begin to kick-start the British economy. Ed says "The Conservative Party will have you believe that it’s impossible to help the squeezed middle when times are tough. Our family budget action plan shows it’s possible to make a real difference for pensioners, for hard-working families, for young people, even when there is less money around.

These are measures that do not require extra spending. But they do require a different set of priorities, different values, a government that is on your side, and sometimes the courage to take on powerful and well-financed organisations which will not like it."
The five family budget action points are:
  1. "Stop the Government’s raid on pensioners and block its £40,000 tax cut to 14,000 millionaires
  2. End rail rip-offs by capping fares increases on every route
  3. Force the energy firms to cut gas and electricity bills for 4 million over-75s
  4. Stop excessive fees charged by banks and low cost airlines
  5. Defend working families from the raid on their tax credits by reversing the Government’s pension tax break for those earning over £150,000"

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