Wednesday 5 January 2011

Why Have The Coalition Government Run Out Of Flu Vaccine?

I went to my GP today and asked for an appointment to get a flu jab. They told me that they are not taking any appointments as they have run out of both the regular and the swine flu vaccines and they don't envisage having any more for at least two weeks.

As a sufferer of asthma I usually get a flu jab each year but I can't recall that ever happening before. I asked if they had enough vaccine for the elderly, seriously ill and young children? "No... nothing. Please call again in two weeks" said the receptionist.

Regular readers will recall that last September Dr. Tony Grewal told Hammersmith and Fulham's Heath Select Committee that "there are going to be failures of delivery". I am genuinely surprised that this has come to pass so quickly. Please email me by clicking here if you have experienced similar problems and I will take this matter up.

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