Saturday 4 December 2010

What Are H&F Conservatives Offering Toby Young's Free School?

H&F Conwatch is reporting that our local Council is considering handing over the Askham Family Centre to Toby Young (see pic) so he can temporarily turn it into his free school. I have written to the director of education to seek clarification and find out exactly what is happening.

Toby Young is an associate editor of The Spectator and also writes for The Daily Telegraph. H&F Council has been in talks with his school organisation for some time about using Palingswick House as a permanent home for his free school - once all the charities that currently use that building have been successfully evicted. The BBC provides a full report here.

A wide range of families, including those with severely disabled children, are currently provided with vital support at the Askham Family Centre. I will tell you what H&F Council plans to do with them once I have a responce from the director of education.

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