Thursday 24 December 2009

H&F Conservatives Change Rules To Ticket Your Car On Boxing Day

“As stealth taxes go: you have to admire their creativity” a council officer exclaimed. He was telling me that H&F Conservatives have changed our parking rules. Now Hammersmith and Fulham Tories hope to raise extra funds by sticking parking tickets onto the cars of relatives and friends visiting local residents on Boxing Day and on Monday 28th December (the official Boxing Day Bank Holiday).

This bah humbug approach is likely to cause confusion over the festive period. It will see many innocent victims being stung for the increased £120 fine as Boxing Day is traditionally a public holiday - when parking is free.

It's also a further blow to struggling retailers. The new restrictions will deter many potential customers and will particularly hit smaller family or individually owned shops that rely on the stop and pop-in trade for a proportion of their sales.

The Conservatives have followed this approach despite massive public criticism. This includes making the Daily Telegraph’s list of parking shame and being exposed by the Daily Mail after Hammersmith and Fulham trialled new rules to allow extra clamping to raise even more cash.

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