Wednesday 9 July 2008

H&F Council Admits Garden Waste Chaos

Following record numbers of complaints, H&F Council has come clean and admitted that its garden waste service has been plagued by “problems” and “confusion” as previously reported here. I have suggested that the Conservative Administration might think it right and proper to compensate those residents that paid the £7.25 fee but were then messed around by their inability to manage the service. Here's the reply I received:

“Whilst I would be willing to give careful consideration to any specific request for reimbursement of costs genuinely incurred by any individual resident who has suffered particular difficulties with garden waste collection, I do not think it likely that many residents will have suffered more than minor inconvenience...”

Please copy me in on any request you make for compensation by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

What a smug, high-handed and bureaucratic response.

Greg Wiseman

Anonymous said...

This response from the Council, that you expose in your piece, demonstrates an arrogance that is unbecoming of people elected to represent us and presumably get paid (14% salary rises?) out of money raised from our taxes.