Friday 6 June 2008

H&F Council Plans Events Schedule For Ravenscourt Park Despite Previous Denials

H&F Conservatives previously said that the new entertainments licence for Ravenscourt Park was required for the annual fireworks party and was not about a secret agenda of introducing a host of new entertainment events into the area.

So why have H&F Council’s Conservative Administration just announced an hour-long “evening reception” (seems brief for a reception?) which they say will allow the public to tell them “about the kind of events they would like to see in the park”? Although, it looks like minds may have already been made up as the Conservative spokesperson says in the same press release that “There are plenty of events [already] planned this summer”.

This looks like little more than a scam designed to provide political cover to the Administration’s profit making scheme. I’d be surprised if sufficient numbers of residents turn up to provide anything close to legitimacy to their plans. The consultation is set to take place between 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Hammersmith Town Hall on June 19th.

You can read previous posting about the Administration's Parks Profit Scheme here and here.

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