Tuesday 25 March 2008

Panel Of Local Councillors Set To Decide Mini-Cab Application For Brackenbury Post Office

The application to turn the old Post Office at 127 Brackenbury Road into a mini-cab outlet will be heard by a panel of Councillors tomorrow night. I intend to speak on behalf of the many local people who have contacted me about the problems this will cause in the area if permission is granted. The Planning Officer's recommendation is to grant permission for a limited period of 18 months. Please email me here if there are any points you particularly want me to raise.

Residents are welcome to attend but will only be able to address the Planning Committee if the Chair grants permission. The Planning Committee meeting will begin at 7.00pm on Wednesday, 26th March.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No way do local people want this. If it was just a minicab office it might be acceptable, but there is a waiting area for customers and cab drivers. No resident wants the traffic and people noise (especially at night),and ongoing disturbance in a residential area.

The Brackenbury Residents Association has submitted an objection as have numbers of members.

Thanks for taking this up on our behalf.