Friday 21 December 2007

H&F Council Stops Mobile Library Service Today

Today is the last day residents will be able to use H&F Council’s Mobile Library Service. It’s been abolished.

The controversial decision will largely affect local children and the elderly who are the main customers of the service. H&F Council says that it made the decision to save £120,000 out of its £180million total budget.

I don’t understand why no work was undertaken to get a private sector sponsor or partner. DVD and book companies are always looking for new ways to reach customers – especially in light of the ever-increasing levels of competition from Internet retailers.

Needless to say, the easiest way to save the cash is to just cut the service, put out propaganda and hope everyone forgets by the next elections in 2010 - which is what the Conservatives are doing across nearly all of the £34million of cuts they're pushing through in Hammersmith and Fulham.

For more details you can read Our Fulham who also report on the story here.

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