Monday 23 July 2007

President Cheney!?!

Well not quite but for just over two worrying hours on Saturday morning, Vice President Cheney assumed the powers of the Presidency. President Bush invoked Section 3 of the 25th Amendment of the United States’ Constitution (as fans of The West Wing will know) to transfer authority to Mr. Cheney. The move was deemed necessary to allow Mr. Bush to be sedated so he could undergo a colonoscopy.

Just when I was beginning to think that the current Presidency couldn't get any worse, Dick Cheney stepped up to the plate. Mr. Cheney is a long-standing hawk and is hugely unpopular, with only 18% of Americans having a favourable view of him. I suppose we should all be relieved that he only had the Presidential powers between 7.16am to 9.21am but as he’s said to be the most powerful Vice President in history, we’ll all have to wait until January 2009 when, at long last, there will be a new Administration in the White House.

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